Work With Me: Exercise for Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy

Got a Baby on Board?

Bun in the Oven? Expecting a Miracle?  LWS is a great resource for a fit and healthy pregnancy.  We can show you how to avoid gestational diabetes, get your body back quickly after baby is born and shorten the time you spend in labor!  Check out what research has shown about women who exercise while they are pregnant:

-Women who exercise throughout their pregnancy are more likely to have an uncomplicated labor and delivery that starts without medical intervention.  That means it’s less likely you will see an episiotomy, forceps or a need for induction.

-Women who exercise during pregnancy have labors that are shorter (by one third!) than girls who don’t.  Who doesn’t want to shorten the time it takes that baby make her appearance?

-Got a lot of pregnant lady discomfort?  Exercise helps to reduce back pain, muscle tension and leg cramps!  It also translates into preventing constipation and those nightmarish hemorrhoids.

-Women who exercise gain, on average, eight pounds less than women who don’t exercise!  That is eight pounds you won’t have to lose after little baby miracle comes home.

-Babies of moms who work out are much less stressed by the labor and delivery process, and score higher on their Apgar scores…hello baby smarty pants…I mean, smarty diaper!

-Pregnant women that exercise gain about 85% of their abdominal tone back.   Non exercisers only gain about 48% back.  Want that pre-baby body?  LWS can show you how to get it back both before baby is born and after.  But you don’t have to wait until baby is born to start the process.

-Swollen hands, feet, ankles, legs, cheeks and everything else?  Exercise really, really helps to reduce swelling.  Set up an appointment with LWS to get started safely moving that lymph fluid around.  You will feel so much better!

-Did you know that after little one arrives, mamas lift over 100 times per day?  Little baby love is only part of the lifting equation.  Add in laundry baskets, car seats, strollers and you’ve got quite a heavy load.  Be ready for all of that lifting with safe, effective strength training designed especially for the mom to be.

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What Lithe Mama's are saying:  

"During my third pregnancy I was considered at high risk of developing gestational diabetes, and my doctor recommended some gentle form of exercise, yoga being one of those options.  So I started working with Kelley on a regular basis.  Never having done yoga before, I was a bit nervous, but Kelley was outstanding to work with.  She explained things along the way and met me at my comfort level, while suggesting things I could do to push myself a little farther.   I never developed gestational diabetes, and I had my best labor and delivery experience ever, not to mention a much faster recovery time.  Doing yoga with Kelley was a great for me; I would highly recommend her to anyone and look forward to doing more with her myself in the future." 

Do you want a shorter labor and faster recovery?

Don’t wait until baby arrives to start getting your body back.  Set a Lithe Wellness Solutions appointment to ensure a healthy pregnancy, a quick recovery and to be more ready for what comes after that little bundle of joy makes his or her first public appearance.  Have questions?  Email Kelley for quick answers and free consultations.

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Here is our most popular package:

Lithe Mama
Tired, achy and sore?  Short on energy, big on belly?  Full of “I just don’t want to, but know I should?”  This package is for you.  A short commitment with a big benefits that includes tailored workouts that help shorten labor and delivery, as well as your recovery time.  You can also eliminate any worry of gestational diabetes.

If that leaves you saying “Well, I know what I should do, I just don’t want to do it”…then maybe that isn’t what you should be doing!  This package provides tailored workouts designed around what you will and won’t do, what trimester you are in, how hard you can exercise without exhausting yourself and builds in a relaxation component that will leave you feeling like you just slept for an extra eight uninterrupted hours.  

Baby has made that first public appearance already, and you aren’t pregnant anymore?  You can have workouts tailored just for you to.  You don’t even have to leave Little Baby Love behind.  Anyone who is happy in a Pack N Play or will sleep nestled in your arms is welcome to learn your recovery routine with you…anyone over six months will probably be part of your recovery routine.  This is a must do before heading to Boot Camp or any other exercise program!  It will save back pain, ab pain and get you back in your jeans faster than you thought possible.  Even on baby number 4! Plus, who doesn’t need to feel like they have had a night of uninterrupted sleep?  Don’t think you need a recovery program?  Come in for a diastis recti evaluation to find out if you are boot camp ready and can skip the recovery program!

Here is what to expect:

-Session 1:  We will create 3 workouts based on your likes, dislikes, will do’s and won’t do’s based on your current trimester or post pregnancy body.  Learn how much you need to exercise to actually get those labor shortening benefits and at what level to exercise that will leave you with enough energy for the rest of the day (no matter the trimester).

-Session 2:   Resistance training and Core strength; both “musts” before a baby comes along!  New moms lift over 100 times per day, with very little core strength.  Add in laundry baskets, car seats, strollers, older children and a diaper bag and exhaustion will set in quickly!

-Session 3:  Pre natal yoga and relaxation class.  This session will not only help with flexibility, strength and stamina, but will also provide a boost of confidence and courage for labor and delivery.  You will leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and wondering why you don’t do this all of the time.

Freebies valued over $100 including:
-Nutrition packed recipes that make it easy to eat when you are fighting nausea or when Little Baby Love is so big it is hard for you to eat, along with recipes that make it easy to eat when you are nursing around the clock.

               -A video guide that explains how to avoid that jarring, painful, worrisome sensation of round ligament pain.

               -A core building session that will help to pull those muscles back together quickly, gently and safely.  This is a MUST for anyone who has previously given birth!

P. S.  If your dear, wonderful partner isn't quite sure about spending the money when there is a new little one around to think about, provide the soothing reminder…exercising gently and safely will increase your mood, help you to better deal with the stress of such a big change… and that a happy wife is what a happy life is all about!  (Plus, we make it really easy with two payments of $125.)