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Hi!  I am Kelley Suggs, CHES (that means certified health education specialist) a wife and mom with a holistic focus and the chief cook and bottle washer here at Lithe Wellness Solutions.  Here is the reason why I do what I do:

My baby was sick.  He wasn’t sick in way that was terminal, but it was terrifying and frustrating and exhausting.  Being sick was normal to my baby.  As he neared a year old, the doctors, all of those doctors, told us that he needed more antibiotics.  And chest x-rays.  And Ranitidine to soothe his reflux.  He ended up taking 12 doses of antibiotics, and some were painfully injected into his tiny little muscles.  He had an unnecessary surgery and his growth fell off of the charts.  We were worried and sleepless listening to him cough and choke through the night and his pillow case was worn from so much use as a tissue.  Eventually, he had to be tested for C Diff, that ugly, life threatening condition that generally effects much older, much more geriatric populations.  Before his first birthday, first haircut and first Christmas, he had his first hospital gown, first surgery and his first anesthesia.

During that time I was devoted to conventional wellness programs that focused on one part of a person:  high cholesterol or stress or weight management. I strained and chafed against the conventional, food pyramid style that I had to teach when I knew that wasn’t right and was causing more suffering than it was providing solutions.  When an opportunity presented itself, I broke away from conventional single system wellness programs and can now focus on the whole person.  I focus on the whole person because I don’t believe that any baby, child or adult should suffer from a mystery illness or chronic ear infections or adult acne or joint pain, or be uncomfortable all of the time or have to go through all of that alone and isolated.

Gratefully, before I left conventional, corporate worksite and military health and wellness programs I was guided to build the background and education I needed to be able to help you find your best solutions.  Where I was once a consultant to the Surgeon General of the U.S. Air Force, I now focus solely on the individual and what works for one person at a time. Here are some fun facts about me: 
  • I once lived in a castle in Scotland.
  • received my pre natal post partum fitness certification from Catherine Cram, a leading expert in the country!
  • I have written and published over 30 articles.
  • Volunteered around the country with AmeriCorps * NCCC where I met my husband.
  • I received the Presidential Award for Service (twice).
  • During my Air Force time, I got to work with my dream team of an Exercise Physiologist and Registered Dietitian (who both considered me their hippy counter part).
  • I am certified as an Intrinsic Health Coach (did you know that there is actually a mathematical formula for intrinsic thinking?  I>E>S).  
  • I suffered from severe adult acne due to a wheat intolerance.  When I found out it was wheat, I stopped getting migraines and avoided a hysterectomy.  Unfortunately for me, it shows up on my face when I cheat (I am not claiming perfection here).  You will always know when I had a date with a muffin.
  • I think my kids hung the moon and my favorite part of any day is when one of them reaches for my hand.
  • I have a once wild, BLM certified Mustang.  Her name is Bailey and she is how I rejuvenate.  Her little buddy is a mini horse who thinks she is the queen of the world and she escapes from the pasture when ever she feels like it.

My passion is to help you find your solution to your best body whether a baby is on your horizon or you are fighting to feel good and your food is working against you.  I can coach you and your family along the path to healthy body, mind, and skin allowing you to feel supported and sated instead of separate and alone.

You can contact me here or by phone (763.647.0522).  Or go ahead and use this Tungle link to schedule your free 30  minute Nourishment Session, diastisis recti check or get set up in Lithe Mama or on your way with the Food Intolerance Success Pak.

p.s. Why the word “lithe”?  It means athletically thin.  Flexible.  Strong.  That is what I want for myself and my family.  It is what I want for you.

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